Thank you for reserving Recess for your upcoming event! In order to complete your reservation, please complete the following form. Once you complete the form, we'll send you a confirmation with some more details about your party.

Use Recess' party room (for up to 12 kids and 18 adults) during our business hours on the weekend. Enjoy 2 hours of exclusive use of our front room for food and cake plus 1/2 hour for setup clean up tacked on to your party reservation time. This party package does not include use of the playspace. Room comes equipped with enough seating and tables for your guests, and a recess staff member at front desk can help direct guests as well as answer questions during your reservation.

Basic Information
Primary Adult Name *
Primary Adult Name
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Party information
If it's a birthday party
Please remember to stay below a max of 75 people (50 adults, 25 kids). Going over will result in a $15 charge per person. We will refuse admittance over 95 people.
Please contact me regarding add-ons to my party!
Party Agreements
Payment is due in full when booking the event. Check (made payable to Recess Urban Recreation) or Credit Card may be used to pay for your rental.
This reservation includes exclusive use of the Recess playspace for you and your guests, (plus the kitchen area, tables & chairs, high chairs, changing table, etc), a Recess staff member to greet guests at the front desk, as well as paper plates, napkins, utensils, and cups.
Party Packages and individualized add-ons are available too! Please let us know if you're interested in adding extra time, balloons, food, or a party assistant to your party.
Add-ons and party upgrades are non-refundable and must be purchased three weeks prior to your party.
Initial below if you agree to these terms.
Access to the Party Room Use of the party room may begin 30 minutes prior to my party time, but not before. Please do not arrive early, as you will not be granted admittance until your reservation time. A Recess Staff member can manage setup of the Party Room for an additional fee. Party Start Time Guests arrive. Use of party room for food, dessert, decor, games, activities, and play is reserved for 2 hours unless extended time is scheduled in advance with Recess staff. Party End time Guests should begin leaving the Party Room for cleanup to occur. We suggest having all of your guests out of the space at the end of your party time to prevent late fees. Clean-Up End Time You must be completely cleaned up and out of the space by 30 minutes after the party end time. A Recess Staff member can manage clean up for an additional fee. *What if my party is LATE to Leave? I will be billed $50 per 20 min if I am in the space after the rental end time. Initial below if you agree to these terms.
Tables and chairs will be provided. Radio with AUX cord, radio, CD, and iPod dock capabilities will be available. All other setup, decor, and food/beverage prep for the party must be taken care of by the party hosts, unless otherwise specified. The lobby bathroom/changing table is available for use during this time. Extra party time or other add-ons can be purchased at least 3 weeks prior to the party date. Party add-ons, including extra time, are not available the day-of. Initial below if you agree to these terms.
When the rental period has concluded, I agree: - to return all furniture to a neat and orderly condition, - throw away all food and drink items, - pick up all trash, - place trash and recycling to receptacles provided, - return any additional setup/display/toys/items to their respective locations. * I understand that I will be billed $50 per 20 min for any cleaning left to be done. Initial below if you agree to these terms.
We understand that planning an event is an important task, requiring attention to detail. For this reason, we have established the following guidelines to aid in this process. Upon signing this contract, above named member/renter (“client”) agree to the rules and regulations, as well as the terms and conditions below.

1. It is understood that the event shall be limited to the party room (front classroom). The playspace, back classroom, and offices are off limits.
2. Client is responsible for all set up, tear down, clean up, and garbage disposal (receptacles provided).
3. Toys, items and permanent fixtures of the rented venue shall under no circumstances be removed.
4. Food and drinks are prohibited outside of the party room.
5. Shoes, bags, gifts, etc must remain in the party room, cubbies are provided.
6. Smoking is prohibited inside of recess.
7. Apart from birthday cake candles, the use of fire (decorative candles, or any kind of open flamed effects), or any toxic or noxious material is strictly prohibited.
8. All decorations & balloons must be removed during clean up.
9. Confetti, glitter, and tape are prohibited. Banners and signs may be hung on the designated hooks. Gum and gummy candies are also prohibited.

Event times as stated above in the contract are considered binding in order to insure that we may successfully service subsequent events.

Extra charges may be incurred on the day of the event. These charges may include, but are not limited to:
--use of rented space over contracted hours, billed at $50/20 min
--lack of clean up after event, billed at $50 per 20min by the cleaning team;
--damage to toys, equipment or the facility.
--EXTRA PERSONS FEE: persons exceeding the 30 person cap- charge is $15/personWe will refuse entrance over 15 children and 21 adults.

So that Recess can re-book appointments that have been cancelled, the following policy applies:
60 day prior notice is required for all cancellations to receive a refund, less $50.
Between 60 and 30 days’ notice, 50% will be refunded.
Less than 30 days’ notice, no refunds will be issued.

The Client agrees to take full responsibility for the actions and behavior of the Client’s guests during the rental period, and at any other time such guest is on or around recess’ premises as a result of the Client’s use of the rental space. The Client understands that recess shall not be held liable for the safety or security of the Client and/or Client’s guests. The Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless recess from all liability arising from the activities of the Client and the Client’s guests during the rental period. Failure to abide by any part of the terms of this agreement will result in the Client’s inability to rent the space at any time in the future.

Initial below if you agree to these terms.