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I created Recess in 2008 to support moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers and growing children. We're a nonprofit space designed to harness the power of community to ultimately lighten the load for families with young children.

We provide space. Space to be together, to commiserate, to reduce isolation, to be playful, to feel safe, and to breathe. We work with local experts and vetted professionals to bring quality information to you in a digestible way. In 2018, we moved to the Outer Sunset and are thrilled to be carrying on this mission in a new community.

We have a brand new playspace for kids 0-4yrs with an array of clean toys and playthings to support your child's development, a kitchen so you can bring food/drink for the inevitable new mama and toddler munchies, bathrooms and changing tables, and other families who are in the same boat as you are...making their way through this wild journey (myself included!).


This month, we hope you can join us & check out:

Daily activities including playspace yoga & sensory play
Intro to Baby Sign Language on 4/7
Family Yoga on Sunday 4/7
New Parent Groups on Mondays at noon
Pilates Classes for parents on Tuesdays, starting 4/9
Sign Language Playgroup starting 4/25
CPR workshop 4/30
SPRING FEST afternoon of play with facepainting, live music and more on 5/4

See the full schedule here.

Can’t wait to see you. Thank you for being here,


Spring at Recess

I think we can all agree that being a parent is tough no matter how you slice it. It's sweet, and cuddly and rewarding...but it's also really trying at times. We're here to make it a little bit easier at Recess Collective.

Come hang out with us!


COMING UP this Season for Members:

- Intergenerational Playdates

- Dance Party with Charity Kahn

- Family Playspace Yoga

- Coworking + Childcare

Every week - Playspace Activities

Free for members!

FAMILY YOGA Mondays at 11am (ages 1-4) and Thursdays at 4:30pm (ages 1-4)

NEW PARENT GROUP Mondays noon (0-12mo) - Kelsey from Parentline

SENSORY PLAY (rotating activities from play doh, kinetic sand, oobleck, etc). 

  • Tuesdays at 4:30

  • Thursdays at 10:30

  • Fridays at 10:30

  • Saturdays at 11:30

  • Sundays at 10:30

March Special Events

Special Musical Guest, Charity Kahn (of Charity and the JAM Band). SAVE THE DATE March 18, 10am

Intergenerational Play dates - Friday 3/22 at 11am. Friday 3/29 at 4:30pm.

Coworking and childcare - Starting 3/30. Tuesdays 3-5pm and Fridays 1-5pm. Email to reserve your spot

Pilates for Grown ups Tuesdays at 1pm. Baby and Me Pilates 2pm. Open to non-members too!

Weekend Family Yoga Class - April 7

Looking forward to seeing you and joining in on the fun!

Not a member yet? Join today!

February At Recess

Come in and play!

It has been great to see so many new faces in the space in January. Thank you to everyone who has been in! We’re excited to continue to meet families and grow our community and appreciate your help in spreading the word.

Fundamentally, Recess Collective is founded on the notion that, together, we are better. We’re better parents, better able to raise healthy kids,

Our space is designed to bring together folks who support families in one way or another, host other organizations, collaborate with local businesses, and bring together members of the community.

If you are interested in collaborating, utilizing the space, volunteering your talents or making a tax-deductible donation to support our mission, please get in touch.

Here’s to a fabulous February!


Under Our Roof

There has been some awesome community action in our space so far. We:

  • host new parent groups in partnership with Parentline - USF.

  • host Toddle and Me playgroups with Our Family Coalition for LGBTQ families

  • host inclusive playgroups affiliated with Golden Gate Regional Center

  • create internships for San Francisco State University students

  • host meetups for Nurse-Family Partnership clients

  • collect diaper donations for Help A Mother Out (bring yours in!)

  • we’re a pick up spot for Book Tree totes

  • providing space for SF Village

  • & more!

We’re looking forward to seeing how our space continues to grow with the community!

February Fun in the Playspace

Free for members!


MUSIC TIME Mondays 10:30 am (0-4yrs)

NEW PARENT GROUP Mondays noon (0-12mo)

STORYTIME Mondays 1pm (0-4 yrs)

SENSORY PLAY (rotating activities from play doh, kinetic sand, oobleck, etc). (1-4yrs)

  • Tuesdays at 4:30

  • Thursdays at 4:30

  • Fridays at 11:30

  • Saturdays at 11:30

Coming in March

Special Musical Guest, Charity Kahn (of Charity and the JAM Band). SAVE THE DATE March 18, 10am

Multi-Generational Playdates

Movement & Yoga

Weekend Drop-Off Cooking Class

Pilates Classes & Childcare

Come Party with Us!


 If you’re looking for a flexible, comfortable, space to host a party, you’ve come to the right place!

Rent our playspace + kitchen for your next event and enjoy a place to play, connect, and make memories that is both fun and stress-free. 

Smaller event? We have a community room too! Get in touch for details.

Workshops and special events


The new year is a great time to reflect, start fresh and set intentions for the year to come.  Take a break from your busy week and join Recess for a fun night of crafting, while creating a vision board to reflect the priorities you want to focus on, and the life you want to pursue. 

Do you want to change careers, but not sure what path to pursue? Ready to mix things up in your marriage, or take the next step in your business? Want more quality time with your family, or to plan a family trip? A vision board can help provide clarity and inspire you to take action.  NOTE: this is a adult only event.

Annie from Annie Nogg Coaching will provide direction & support throughout the vision board creation process.

$15 pp. Sign up at

BRAIN DEVELOPMENT 101, 3/6 7:30pm

Everything you need to know about nourishing your child's creative, confident mind in the first year of life!

You've probably heard that your child's brain develops most in the first three years of life, but did you know that more than one million neural connections form per second during this time? During these early years, parents have the amazing opportunity to nurture their child’s growth and development through connected, responsive caregiving. Join Rebecca Walsh, founder and director of Early Childhood Matters, to learn more about the following topics:

· From Routine to Ritual: creating opportunities for bonding, learning, and growth through everyday caregiving tasks like diaper changes, bath time, and feeding times.

·  Language development milestones and strategies to encourage language development in the first year of life

·  Ideas for playtime activities, Floor Time, and parental engagement strategies to develop the architecture of your child's brain and build connections for lifelong skills like problem solving, self-control, and emotional intelligence.

Babies in arms (pre-crawlers) welcome to attend. Sign up at:


Dr. Angelique Millette will help parents of babies 0–12 months better understand the sleep needs of their little one. She will cover the importance of routine, when to start a sleep routine, two sleep methods, sleeping arrangements, and more. She uses an interdisciplinary approach to solving infant sleep issues using a wide range of sleep methods and tools adaptive to multiple sleep arrangements, parenting styles, cultural/social styles, and sleep issues. A Q&A will be held at the end of the session. 

Topics Include:

• Baby (0–12 months) sleep needs
• Importance of routines in sleep habits and patterns
• Developmental milestones, when they occur, what to do
• Guidelines on prevention of SIDS
• Sleep methods: no/low cry, sleep training
• Sleeping arrangements: co-sleeping, room-sharing, crib-sleeping
• Naps
• Feeding at night and dropping night feeds

About Dr. Angelique Millette 

She is a parent educator, pediatric sleep consultant, family sleep researcher, lactation educator. She specializes in family sleep solutions and how parents can meet their own sleep needs while helping their young ones meet theirs.

NEWBORN CARE 3/9, 1-5pm

THE TODDLER TRANSITION 3/19, 7:30pm, 9-18 mo

Your baby is becoming a toddler-how exciting (and exhausting!). Don’t fear the toddler transition!

Join Early Childhood Matters to learn more about this period of dramatic child development. Learn more about your child’s rapidly developing brain, and find out what is behind the often unexpected challenges that may arise in toddlerhood (mealtime struggles, tantrums, hitting/biting, shyness and more). Practice positive discipline strategies that nurture connection, communication, and curiosity in your emerging toddler, while planting the seeds for emotional intelligence right from the start.

“This class saved me as I entered a stage I was not really prepared for! I still use the strategies and language we learned in class with my older child, and now with my second child who is 14 months.”

— - Lia, parent of 14 and 27 month old

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Support for Families Affected By the Shutdown

Recess Collective was designed to harness the power of community in the effort to support families with young children. This is crucial for survival of a typical day as a parent, but also when crisis hits.

As the partial government shutdown continues, we are called to extend additional support to our friends and members who are federal employees.

Making ends meet without a paycheck is extremely stressful; we want to help alleviate some of this stress for our community. So we invite all parents of young children affected by the shutdown to come in for free access to support and play in a safe & healthy space at Recess.

Until the shutdown ends, we are offering federal employees with a valid government ID waived membership dues. This service is offered to current members as well as individuals and families who join Recess in January, 2019. Additionally, we welcome all non-member employees to come as our guest to reboot with a free cup of coffee, and space to let your little one play.

Our fundamental goal is to build connection through this place we’ve created for families. Recess invites government employees to lean in to this support while they’re experiencing unplanned challenges. To use this program, please send us an email at