Recess is for you, too. Because raising a child can be a messy job.

While Recess is kid-centric in its design, it holds an equal focus on providing space for parents and caregivers to connect, co-work, exercise, share experiences and build friendships of their own.



an educated community

Recess partners with vetted experts — pediatricians, nurses, psychologists, educators and more — to help you learn how to support your child’s development. Learn CPR, Baby Sign Language, Parenting a toddler and more.

Fitness Classes

pilates + yoga  

Whether you are just starting out or have been doing group exercise for years, our instructors will provide options suitable to your needs.  Childcare in the playspace during class is offered at a discounted rate to make self care a little easier!


Space to Work

co-working + childcare / members only

Depending on the type of work you need to get done (freelancing, working remotely, planning a vacation, or self care), Recess will provide the space for you to dedicate time to getting it done...with, or without, childcare.



connect and get support

Family life these days means being on the go and trying to do it all without enough time or enough support. Remember that you are not alone. Recess’ playgroups were created as a way to connect and get support in one fell swoop.

If it wasn’t for Recess I would have not met the majority of the families I did. After moving from the East Coast and finding your sanctuary it quickly became home. Home for the super tired days when parenting felt hard, home for the days when my LO felt like running into street traffic and we needed a safe place to release our energy and a safe, nonjudgmental space that we all quickly learned to love. Thank you ❤️