Hello Recess Members!  

You make up the fabric of our community and we are so glad you are here.  Please bookmark this page for updates, deals from our partners and announcements about special events and activities.

In addition to free play, enrichment and new activities are a great way to engage with your child and nurture their development.  

The following classes and activities are complementary for members, and take place in the playspace:  



classes for infants through 4 year olds

Ukulele, Music Time and Sensory Lab are offered every week and are completely included in your membership.  If you're a member, no sign up needed.

Playspace Activities

great for development.  zero clean up required.

Sensory play, Big Block Play, Story time and other spontaneous activities are intentionally designed so that your child can participate...or not!  We believe child directed play is crucial to development.  If they direct you to engaging in these activities, great!  And if they don't, it's no sweat either.  Just show up if you'd like.  It's another benefit of membership.


Up to 25% off party pricing

We offer packages for 5-75 guests to celebrate a birthday, baby shower, family friendly holiday event or a simple get together. Regardless of the type of party, we'll provide the backdrop to make it a success!

Your Membership 

The membership format of Recess fosters community building, support and friendships...significantly more so than a drop-in facility. You get more out of your time in our space and so does your child.  Let us know if you have any questions or ideas!