• You may have up to 10 guests with this package (4 kids and 6 adults). Babies over 4 months count toward total.

  • The party rental is for 2 hours, one hour in our playspace while we're open and 1 hour in the party room for food, cake, and fun. Additionally, you get 1/2 hour before and after your party time to set up and clean up your party.

  • Party type is available 10-12 on Saturday and Sunday. Contact us for weekday inquiries.

  • Choose to include add-ons to make it fancy, or do the basic rental and keep it simple. Available for 1st through 4th birthdays.

Add ons: 

For this type of party, people often bring activities from home to use in the party room, like art supplies, blocks, legos, or instruments. Once your party is booked, you'll receive an email with your add-on options to enhance your party. Choose from: 

  • Beverage, food, or dessert coordination

  • Party assistant

Contact us with any questions about booking at 415-701-7529 or