Our Mission

Our Mission is to harness the power of community to promote healthy development through perinatal education, childhood play & community connection.


Recess Collective is an inclusive community centered space committed to supporting families from the time of pregnancy through the first four years by providing opportunities for perinatal education, play, creativity, support & connection.

By building a small, connected village, we can lighten the load.  
We aim to educate families on birthing options and postpartum support so that they can step confidently into parenthood. Then, we strive to address the intangible stumbling blocks of raising kids in an urban environment.  Authentic community support, reliable in-a-pinch caregiving options, access to vetted resources and a safe, clean space for play are all crucial to supporting parents. In this way, we provide a structure and support system for parenthood that starts at the beginning when parents need it most.

our ultimate vision

By creating a prototype of truly supportive and multigenerational community center, our vision is that every community will have a Recess Collective space to come together, share resources and live playful, healthy lives.




Recess Collective started as Recess-urban recreation, which became a pillar of the Potrero community, helped countess parents find their confidence in their own journey toward raising healthy families, was an integral space where caregivers could overcome the isolation of early parenthood and build relationships and enjoy family support programing since 2008. In 2018, we've converted to a nonprofit in order to scale beyond the singular hub and broaden our offerings toward greater reach.  We also added on a perinatal education program so that we could support parents from the very beginning. We feel it’s imperative we continue to create and sustain the delivery of these vital services, we need the support of the community.  

As a nonprofit, we are thrilled to be able to take in tax deductible donations and apply for grants in order to offer subsidized memberships, increase playspace access to children with sensory sensitivities, and leverage community partnerships to broaden our reach.   

Together we can improve the lives of families with young children. Please consider a tax deductible donation, volunteering, and spreading the word about our efforts.  Please visit: www.recesscollective.org/get-involved

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what families have to say about Recess

As much fun as my kids had, you saved me when I was at my lowest... you gave me a place to see other parents (aka adults), a place I knew my kids would have fun and be safe, and a community which helped pull me through PPD, even if they didn’t know it. I wish you all the best in your next endeavor and look forward to hearing all about it. Thank you for being part of my SF village!!!
— -Christina
Recess is so much more than a play space. It is truly a community anchor in this transient hustle and bustle that is SF. I do not know what I would have done without this place when my two kids were little, as while they had a blast playing I was meeting and chatting with other moms and caregivers. Recess provided me with many opportunities for connection in the extremely vulnerable time of early motherhood. It is not just for your kids, it is for you and your own sanity in this crazy parenthood journey. Hope you can enjoy this great place for you and your kids!.
— — Joanna M, Mother of two
Leaving Recess behind when we moved was one of the more devastating feelings when we left the city. Recess was such an important place for us when my big boys were young and I was just figuring out how to be a mom. It was such a safe little cocoon for us. ...The early parenting education alone—and a resource like Amanda!!—isn’t something I’ve found out here... You have created something amazing that has touched so many people and I hope that you will continue to grow and succeed!
— -Trish, Mother of 3
Without the infallible and incredible support of your staff and facilities, I would have never ever made it through my daughter’s infant stage. You affected this first time mom’s life in a way that could never be measured. Thank you and we look forward to recess collective.
— - Mary
I remember taking my homebirth prenatal class within your walls. Then Baby CPR and Baby Sign Language. Not to mention “How to talk to your kids about Race” seminar. The Prefund parent support group was the highlight of my week during the dark days of PPD. I’m so saddened to hear you’re moving away. I’m glad you’re forming a collective. Take care and Thank you.
— Mabel