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Thank you for supporting Recess in this time of transition.  We feel extremely lucky to have had your family as part of our community.  

We will miss Potrero Hill tremendously, but are pleased to be able to continue to offer some of the same services via the new nonprofit, Recess Collective, in the outer sunset opening later this fall (est. October 2018). 

As we prepare to close Recess in Potrero Hill, please let us know how to modify your membership.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

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Primary Member Name
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1. CONTINUE my monthly membership over at Recess Collective, starting October 2018. My rates will be adjusted to the introductory rates for that location.
Your monthly payments will depend on the membership level you choose. $89 monthly Anytime, or $69 Limited. Please send me the link to complete this transaction.
2. CONVERT my membership to a Recess Collective Annual membership. Save big with an annual membership.
Please send me the link to complete this transaction. Fees for a family membership will be $890/year or $690/year annual Limited membership <>
3. TERMINATE my membership to Recess.
Your membership will automatically be terminated at the end of August or the end of your paid period ending after August 1. We will email you to confirm the date.
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