Music is varied, coffee is brewing and magazines are on hand.

While Recess is an awesome venue for parties and a clean, safe space for kids to play, it is also a space for you.  A space for you to bring your child without needing to worry if they have a blow out, a melt down or need a "potty seat." 



support for our newest parents

We offer prenatal education and resources that will provide expectant parents peace of mind and excitement as they navigate pregnancy, birth and new parenting.

Wellness Classes

Pilates, yoga, meditation, and The Dia Method

Recess is not just for kids. Play reduces stress (and waist-lines) for grown ups too! Classes are in our studio space. Childcare available for little ones during class.


Work Space

Co-working + Childcare

We provide a dedicated space for parents to work, take a break, or get some personal items checked off the to-do list. The kids get to play with our awesome sitters in the playspace, or you can enroll them in a class. This is available to Recess members only.


Interested in Membership?

The community membership format of Recess fosters support, consistency and connection...significantly more so than a drop-in facility.  You get more out of your time in our space and so does your child!