Play for All Children and
Support for Their Grown-ups.

Recess is on a mission to bring play to all who are neurotypical, kids with developmental delays and kids who benefit from a little extra support as they learn to navigate the world.  

Recess continually strives to support children with special needs and all of the grown-ups who support them.  We know that building connections with other families, having access to a safe space to play, and getting a chance to put new skills into practice with typically developing peers are all key to learning how to navigate the world.

We are proud to offer:

  • Exclusive playtime for specific profiles when Recess is otherwise closed (for children with Autism, Apraxia, Down Syndrome, etc.)
  • Space to meet with ABA therapists, OT's, Speech Therapists, etc.  Recess is not a clinic, but a recreational center that is a fun place for kids to "play", achieving many therapeutic goals.
  • Meet-up opportunities in our community room
  • Support groups for parents
  • Sensory friendly birthday parties
  • Social Skills groups
  • Professional memberships for therapists who would like an alternative space to meet with clients (when the home/ park/ library is not an ideal match).

If you are interested in learning more about Recess' offerings to support children with sensory sensitivities, modified playtimes, or our Professional membership options for Speech, Occupational, Behavioral, Social Skills Therapists please let us know.

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