Whether you are expecting, or have two under four,
Recess has the resources to support your growing family.

You're Expecting

Congratulations.  Whether this is your first child, second, or third, you are in a unique time of life. This time is temporary and incredible.  Visit Recess to learn some of the essentials. Childbirth prep, CPR, childcare options, and how to set up your home for play from the get go.



The first few months with baby are all about learning.  Learning about yourself as a parent, discovering who your child is, and together, finding getting into a groove.  As you navigate through this process, Recess will become a cozy oasis of comfort and connection.



Brain development is at it's peak in the first years of life.  You have the power during this time to shape, stimulate and support your child's learning through socialization, play and experience. We work with professionals in the field to design an environment to help you make the most of this precious time.

Toddlers, Preschoolers & Beyond

an awesome community

The membership format of Recess fosters community building, support and friendships...significantly more so than a drop-in facility.  You get more out of your time in our space and so does your child!  


It does take a village.  Meet some of our village as you create your own.