Join us and connect with other moms and dads in the community, uncover local resources, and learn from vetted professionals.   

New parent groups will begin 1/28/19. Join us.

They are informative.  Join us each week and gain access to relevant information on child health and parenting.  We work with some incredible experts to provide research based information on a weekly basis. Skip Google when you are curious about your baby's development, and join us.  

They are fun.  Find community for your growing family and gain confidence in your new role.  We foster a positive environment, make space for sharing successes and moments of learning and have snacks. These groups are a great exercise in getting out of the house and are often the highlight of a parent's week. Families look forward to connecting, getting out with their babies and making new friends.

Our groups are accessible to all. Financial assistance is available to ensure that every family has the opportunity to participate.


Together Recess and Parentline are building community...


Families thrive in a community that nurtures supports parents as well children.  Recess Collective strives to promote healthy development of young children while supporting the core needs of parents.  

Parentline is a nonprofit committed to helping create a stronger, more vibrant San Francisco by ensuring that SF Families from a diversity of income levels stay and raise their children here. 


By partnering, we are able to foster community in a safe, developmentally appropriate, local space that meets the needs of the whole family.

Join us!