Staying Healthy

Here at Recess, we often get inquiries about how we maintain a clean environment and what we do to prevent sickness from spreading. While we have a number of practices to keep our space germ-free, nothing is foolproof, especially around curious youngsters, so we rely on your help to keep everyone healthy.  Here is how:


  • Daily Sanitation. Every single surface, every toy, every play structure, and each little toy in our space gets sanitized every single day. We use a combination of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to sanitize.  This non-toxic combination kills germs and keeps infants (who love to taste test toys) safe.
    Tip if you're cleaning toys at home and would like to use this method, note that for the sanitizing to work, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide must be sprayed from separate bottles, not from one combined bottle.
  • "Mouthed Toy" bins. We have several designated bins throughout our space for mouthed toys--toys that our little ones have drooled/sucked on. Please keep an eye on the toys that will inevitably go into your infant/toddler's mouth, and before they go into the mouth of another kiddo, your job is to intercept the wet toy and place it in the bin.  Our job is to then sanitize that toy before it goes back into circulation.  
  • Hand Wipes & disinfecting foam. Throughout our space, you'll find antibacterial hand wipes and foam dispensers. Kids love to get some "soap" out of the dispensers and rub rub rub until it disappears! Hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of illness.  But when soap and water are not available, please use the wipes and sanitation foam provided.
  • Friendly reminders. So many of our members (infants, pregnant women, grandparents, etc) have compromised immune systems and require a clean space! The Recess Team is diligent about asking families with children who visibly sick to stay home and get better.  But we count on YOU too.  We're not medical professionals and there is, of course, a grey area, around kids who experience cold-like symptoms for reasons other than a cold (ie: a runny nose when they're teething). So please be diligent when considering a visit to Recess about keeping sick kiddos at home. If your child isn't well enough to be at school, they aren't well enough to be at Recess.  You'll see this same information in emails/publications to clients too.  


  • Wash hands often. Before you eat, after you eat, after playing at the park, etc. Washing hands can be a tedious task, but find a fun way to make it an enjoyable activity! Sing songs, buy colorful soap, make funny faces in the mirror.
  • Cover your cough! By aiming a cough/sneeze into your elbow, you help to slow the spread of germs. Sneezes and coughs into hands (or the air) are a surefire way to spread germs. Help your child identify where their elbow is and model this behavior by doing the same. For older kids, calling it a "Dracula" sneeze or cough is a fun way to get them to pretend to hide behind a cape, while keeping sneezes and coughs covered!  
  • Practice healthy living. You are busy.  So are your children.  In spite of the daily shuffle, try to make sure your whole family prioritizes getting enough rest, nutritious foods, some activity, and enough fluids to keep those insides running smoothly and in tip top shape to ward off illnesses. City life with a young child can be a challenge, so being proactive and boosting your immune system is crucial.