Oh Baby! Yoga for Two

We're absolutely thrilled to be adding prenatal & Mommy Baby Yoga to our fall schedule.

Prenatal and Postpartum periods are temporary, life-changing periods of our lives.  Take the time to connect with your growing babe by joining Dina's classes.  You are invited to create a spacious pregnancy as well as a special space to bond after baby joins us on the outside.  

If you're looking to create room to connect with baby #2 or 3, Recess offers childcare during fitness classes for toddlers and preschoolers too!  

Blog post by Dina Herring

I love holding space for pregnant mamas.  It is such a sweet and special time in a woman's life.  A time that demands self-nurturing and embracing uncomfortable self-change.  It has a glorious finish line, but the journey is long and hard.  Luckily, yoga helps alot. 

During my pregnancies, I remember prenatal yoga to be very fulfilling.  I found comfort in meeting other women on the same uncomfortable journey.  I learned new shapes and movements to accommodate my changing body.  Breathing practices taught me to find my inner strength.  Mantras and calming visualizations empowered me to birth my babies with ease.

Looking back, prenatal yoga helped me develop a fierce confidence during pregnancy that served me well on the days I finally met my babies.  It was a deepening of my yoga practice in ways I never imagined.  I will forever cherish the tools I learned in prenatal yoga that continue to serve me on my journey into motherhood... and into life.


Dina's Classes This Fall

PRENATAL: Tuesdays & Fridays from 8-9

strength, focus, flexibility, gentle

Expect a combination of active, flowing poses as well as restorative poses to relax and re-energize. Simple breathing and meditation techniques will be introduced. This is the perfect time to foster mindfulness and deepen your awareness of your body. Designed to instill confidence in the innate wisdom of the female anatomy, and to increase peace and ease as you journey through this magical time. All levels welcome.

BABY AND ME:  Fridays 10-11

all levels, bonding, fun, soothing

Tailored for mothers who have recently given birth. Babies who are not yet crawling are welcome in the room with you. This is a time to come together with other mothers, bond with your baby, and sneak in a little yoga too. We invite you to feed, soothe, and change your baby as needed during class. All levels welcome.


About Dina.  

Fun Fact:  Dina was also one of Recess' first members when we opened back in 2008!  

Fun Fact:  Dina was also one of Recess' first members when we opened back in 2008!  

Dina's passion for yoga began with her journey into motherhood over 10 years ago. It was with the tools of her pre-natal yoga and hypobirthing practices that she found so much joy in the empowering experience of homebirth (twice).

Since then, Dina has maintained a serious passion for childbirth. She's frequently offering her doula services to friends, family, and co-workers, and sharing her hypnosis techniques.

When Dina completed her 200-RYT at Giggling Lotus she realized the journey into motherhood, was much like this journey into yoga. It offers such a profound and empowering time in a woman's life. Such a beautiful softening and opening is made possible.

Deep relaxation and meditation continue to be pillars in Dina's personal practice, and this shows in her teaching style. She enjoys sharing the practice of yoga with everyone, from children to adults, in an honest and playful way, and she loves being a constant student of yoga.

In her pre- and post-natal class offerings, Dina hopes to create a space where moms can feel honored and empowered for the magical work they are doing.