Simple Tools for Pain Relief: Strength + Alignment - A Workshop for Dads

Parenting can be rough on your body.


If your current exercise routine consists of bouncing and hauling kids, and new aches and pains have surfaced, feeling better is not about crunches or planking on repeat.

Join us on September 29, 11:30am for a special workshop for dads: Simple Tools for Pain Relief: Strength + Alignment. In this experiential workshop for dads, you'll get a clear, simple framework, and try new tools to get back on track so you feel good in your body. Find strength from the inside out with a confident core, right movement, and active relaxation.

We'll focus on pain relief and prevention (low back, neck, and shoulders, I'm looking at you...) along with general tips for self-care and safe movement while lifting and carrying your child, bending to pick up toys, hauling the stuff, working at the desk, and play timeā€¦ all those things that we want and need to do without fear of injury.

You will discover how to support your low back (and shoulders, knees, neck) with the right movement and breath, rebuild your energy, and incorporate doable techniques that fit into your life.

PLEASE NOTE: Wear comfortable clothes to get down on the floor and move. Bring a mat if you have one. For the sake of focus, it is highly preferred that kiddos do not come to this workshop. However, if it's a choice between not coming and coming with your little one, you can bring them.

COST: Sliding scale, $20-$45