Signs of a Happy Baby

What does your baby want to tell you?

You can find out – even before your baby can verbally speak – by using baby sign language. 

Signs of a Happy Baby: The Baby Sign Language Book gives you everything you need to start signing with your baby, including easy how to's, inspirational stories from parents, an extensive photo dictionary.

Plus, each chapter includes a bit of parent coaching so you can discover how signing with your children helps to build better communication, better understanding, and better bonds between you all.

It’s super easy to learn baby sign language and we'll show you the way in our book, Signs of a Happy Baby. What your baby has to say will blow you away!

Happy Signing!
Bill White & Kathleen Harper

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Learning Baby Sign Language may sound like an unnecessary parenting fad.  But, let me assure you, taking the Happy Baby Signs Intro Class with my husband and 6 month old was one of the best things our family has done.  At around 9 months, our daughter started signing back.  At first, she would only use the signs to request milk, or ask for “more.”  But soon after, she’d let us know all kinds of things...when she was pooping (TMI, perhaps), when she wanted water, and if she saw an airplane.  Around 13 months she began speaking verbally as well, but the signs have remained incredibly useful.  She can share her thoughts, her needs and wants.  This reduces her frustration, and therefore ours, on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis.  I cannot recommend this class enough!  
— Lisa Nowell, Owner, Recess