Establishing Healthy Eating Habits

Introducing Solids and Establishing Healthy Eating Habits

On Monday, 10/21, Dr Glynn will be visiting our New Parent group at 12:30 to share information about introducing food to our infants. Feeding your baby can be a fun process of introducing the many different flavors and textures of whole foods.

The goal is to emphasize healthy eating and to teach parents how to positively shape their child’s taste preferences. A growing body of research shows that babies’ palates are influenced before birth. Maturing in the “amniotic soup” infants taste the foods their mothers eat. This process of “sampling” foods continues for breast-fed children, as mother’s milk takes on the flavors of what she consumes.

Our little ones love tasty food as much as we do! Learn about adding seasoning with herbs and spices, garlic or onion, & get some guidance on how to get started feeding your little one solids.

Suggested donation: $15. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

Nicole Glynn, MD

Nicole Glynn, MD

Nicole Glynn, MD grew up in Santa Cruz California where she was first introduced to the idea of integrative medicine. Dr. Glynn’s father, a pediatric dentist, influenced her to become a pediatrician. She received her bachelor’s degree in Combined Sciences at Santa Clara University and before attending medical school was involved in research at the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition and Stanford University Center for AIDS Research. She earned her medical degree from Creighton University and completed her pediatric residency at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland. During her residency, she provided care to many underprivileged children and became especially curious about the growing pediatric epidemics of asthma, eczema, and obesity. After becoming a mother her interest in nutrition, supporting breastfeeding, and integrative medicine deepened. During her pregnancy, she made changes to “green the womb” as her awareness of the impact of environmental toxins on fetal development became more personal.

Dr. Glynn and her family live in San Francisco where she has practiced at a variety of locations including Kaiser, Noe Valley Pediatrics, and Stonestown Pediatrics. Dr. Glynn joined GetzWell Pediatrics in part because she loves taking more time with patients and their families, building strong relationships and providing personalized holistic care.

She is a board-certified pediatrician and a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, spinning, yoga, barre classes and nurturing her young daughters.

Learn more about Dr. Glynn and why she loves helping patients at GetzWell Personalized Pediatrics in her video.

Festive Fall Activities for Families

There are so many opportunities to get festive this month! Here are some we have our eyes on:

  • Fridays in October. Just up the street, enjoy free movies in the park, popcorn, and fun at McCoppin Park

  • Throughout the month. Get fall festive and go apple picking or visit a pumpkin patch.

  • 10/25, 3-9pm. Scare Grove at Stern Grove ($10, Free for 2 & under)

  • 10/26, 12-2pm. Halloween Party at Mission Creek Park (Free for kids 2-10 & parents)

  • 10/27, 12-2pm. Halloween Hoopla at Yerba Buena Gardens (Free for kids 2-10 & parents)

  • 10/29, 5:30pm. Member Happy Hour - Dress up and come play at Recess

  • 10/31, 4-9pm. Halloween Party. Playland on 43rd

Crafting and family fun

Are there any that we missed? Email us at

Evening Excitement! Cooking without Waste 101

September 11, at 7:30pm, Chef Alison Mountford will be at Recess to help us learn how to save time, money and the Planet by cooking without waste.

In the United States we waste 40% of the food we produce and the largest amount of waste comes from our own homes! That means, we’re buying food to just throw it away. Not only is this a waste of money, food in the landfill is a top driver of methane emissions and climate change. Even if you compost, the water, labor, gas, oil, and plastics used to produce it are wasted.

Chef Alison Mountford is a San Francisco based Chef and mom of two, who has been catering and cooking for families, celebrities, and businesses for 15 years. Her newest initiative is Ends+Stems a meal planning app that’s aimed at making your life easier while reducing food waste in one step.

In this class, she’ll share the secrets of meal planning, kitchen inventory, and how to get easy weeknight meals on the table. We’ll even dip into tips and tricks for setting up healthy eating and cooking habits for your kids.

We’ll be making 3 dishes with the produce stars of the fall and Back to School Season - apples.


We’ll make apple cider vinegar from scraps, use the fruit in a cravable entree salad, and use the vinegar to make a marinade and dressing.

All participants will receive a $15 CREDIT to use with Ends + Stems!

Simple Tools for Pain Relief: Strength + Alignment - A Workshop for Dads

Parenting can be rough on your body.


If your current exercise routine consists of bouncing and hauling kids, and new aches and pains have surfaced, feeling better is not about crunches or planking on repeat.

Join us on September 29, 11:30am for a special workshop for dads: Simple Tools for Pain Relief: Strength + Alignment. In this experiential workshop for dads, you'll get a clear, simple framework, and try new tools to get back on track so you feel good in your body. Find strength from the inside out with a confident core, right movement, and active relaxation.

We'll focus on pain relief and prevention (low back, neck, and shoulders, I'm looking at you...) along with general tips for self-care and safe movement while lifting and carrying your child, bending to pick up toys, hauling the stuff, working at the desk, and play time… all those things that we want and need to do without fear of injury.

You will discover how to support your low back (and shoulders, knees, neck) with the right movement and breath, rebuild your energy, and incorporate doable techniques that fit into your life.

PLEASE NOTE: Wear comfortable clothes to get down on the floor and move. Bring a mat if you have one. For the sake of focus, it is highly preferred that kiddos do not come to this workshop. However, if it's a choice between not coming and coming with your little one, you can bring them.

COST: Sliding scale, $20-$45