Hey you, get some sleep! Developing healthy Sleep Habits.

Meet the Expert 7/14: Infant Sleep Q & A

In our weekly New Parent Groups each week, we start out with introductions, baby's age, and sharing some of the past week's successes and challenges.  Inevitably 90% of the parents in attendance share their latest sleep roadblocks. Sleep is tough for new parents!  Heck, it's tough for all parents.  For expecting parents thinking about coming...I can't recommend it enough.  Learning how to instill healthy sleep habits while you can still absorb lots of information is super valuable.  

This week, on July 14, we're thrilled to have a certified sleep consultant (and local mom) join us at our parent group.  During the group, Callie Stemerman, will discuss the importance of establishing good sleep routines, a regular schedule and consistencies for healthy happy sleep habits in the first year. We will discuss any current sleep struggles that you are having and/or how to improve common sleep issues; including naptime/bedtime/ overnight sleep troubles, self‐ soothing struggles, and others. Callie will also go over many sleep tips and is happy to answer be sure to bring them! 

Common topics include:

  • setting realistic expectations for sleep
  • sleep averages/needs/appropriate wake windows
  • creating a routine/schedule
  • setting up an optimal sleep environment
  • transitioning out of swaddle
  • co-sleeping
  • feeding schedules in relation to sleep
  • sleepy cues
  • where should your baby sleep
  • SIDS
  • 5 S's

Callie Stemerman has been working with children and families for over 12 years.

She has a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College in New York City and has worked in varied educational settings, from intimate preschools to a large corporate early education center at Google.  After her first daughter was born, she hit the pause button on her teaching career to become a certified infant/toddler sleep consultant and hasn’t looked back.  She feels it is very important to validate parent's feelings while working with them to develop a plan that will be successful for their individuated circumstance.

Callie prides herself on creating sleep plans that are tailored to a family’s specific needs, beliefs, parenting style, as well as their children's unique temperament, developmental phase and age. She has her own practice, Sleepless in SF, with the aim of working with Bay Area families in need of sleep guidance and support. She’s proud to work with families, face-to-face, and provide them with unwavering support while they work to improve their baby's sleep habits, routines and schedules.