A Peek into Our Precess Program

A Peek Into Precess

The fundamental goal of our small pre-preschool program is to provide a foundation for a love of learning and enrich your child's social and emotional skills.  If you are looking for a pre-preschool program, or a program to supplement a part time program, look no further!  Fall Session Begins September 11.

We do so many fun activities each week...many of which you could re-create at home.  Here's one of our favorites, tie-dying bandanas!


Tie dying bandanas is an exciting art activity that also helps with fine motor skills and color awareness. The best part is that no matter how you choose to color the fabric, it always looks brilliant when it's finished! 

White bandanas cost about $1 each and tie dye kits with 3 colors including 3 pairs of gloves and rubber bands cost $2.99-3.99 at Michaels or Flax. 

To begin, kids take their bandana and scrunch it into a tight ball. Then they need a little help placing the first rubber band around it. Kids should be able to then put 2 or 3 more rubber bands into their ball without help (or more even!). Then kids put on the plastic gloves; don't worry about fitting fingers in, they will be big and that's okay.

Kids can take turns with each bottle squirting dye onto their bandana and also watch their friends. Afterward put them in the washer and rinse them before drying them in a dryer. The next day children can see what their bandannas ended up looking like! They can wear them on their heads, neck, legs, or use them as a blankie for a baby doll. This is definitely one of our favorite activities in Precess. 

About The Program

Precess is a small drop-off program, for children 2.5-4 years old, to explore and discover through hands-on, sensory rich, play-based experiences. Each day, we start out with free play in Recess' expansive indoor playspace. Then we move on to share a snack and a story together. Learning and fun continue as we explore science experiments, create artwork, and play movement games. Through these varied activities, children learn following directions, working together, routine, and other key skills for learning success.

In Precess, we strive to create a warm and welcoming space for individualized learning through play, stories, songs, and art. Paired with the diverse playspace, Precess Kids is all about creating a unique learning environment that supports the development of young children.  

LEARN MORE and visit: www.recess-sf.com/precess

Toddlers in the Kitchen - Sign up now

Can Toddlers Really Cook?!  

What do you actually do in Toddler Chefs? 

We really do cook!

Here's how each class is structured.  We begin each day with a "taste test." Every child smells, feels, tastes, and learns about each ingredient in the day's recipe.

Our chefs then take turns chopping, pouring, mixing, blending, rolling, mashing... all the steps needed to prepare the food for the stove or oven. Teacher Carissa usually handles the "cooking" portion of the class, while our little chefs take a break with blocks and puzzles.

When are food is ready, it's time for the best part - eating our creations!  

Benefits of early exposure to cooking 

  • In class, we chop, mix, blend, stir, crack, pour, and shake our ingredients together.  All of these activities develop hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills.  These are skills that are important for tying shoes, hand writing and typing.

  • Exposure to new tastes, textures and smells.

  • Especially with food, it's incredible to watch a toddler's openness to trying new things when they see other children trying new things too!  

  • Children who play a key part of the cooking process have a boosted confidence and pride when enjoying the final product.   

  • You'll gain strategies for involving your child in the cooking process at home (they really can do SO much!).

  • You'll learn fun, simple, quick recipes to can recreate at home. 

  • Lay the foundation for preschool and beyond through the classroom format of this class.  Your child will begin to practice listening to a teacher, sitting for extended periods of time, taking turns, practicing patience, interacting with peers... and more!

Some of our favorite creations so far: 

  • Pesto sauce with noodles
  • Banana oat bars
  • Funny face pizzas
  • Fruity smoothies
  • Hummus and crackers
  • Quesadillas with guacamole
  • Fried rice
  • Veggie tostadas
  • Lettuce wraps



Tiny Toddler Chefs, 18-30mo, Mondays at 9:30am,
and Toddler Chefs, 2.5-4yrs, Mondays at 4pm. 

Cost:  $100 for the 4 week series (includes play before/after each class)
Members SAVE up to 25%!